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RPG Source is ACTUALLY back up
Quit hacking us plz

RPG Source - The Definitive Source for RPG Information

1 Comment(s) -- Posted By X13 At 21:04 On 5/1/2018

rpg source is back up
but the same cannot be said for fagoms man-pounching erection

"Yet one more reason to not visit this pit." - Linguar
RPG Source loves you too. ♥

2 Comment(s) -- Posted By zurukai At 10:45 On 9/4/2012

We're in business, commander.

RPG Source v8 stats:
Version: 0.01
Online: false
Lines of code: 62

Longebane: why are you linking me to this crap

More to come. In the meanwhile, how about some memories?

"Yet one more reason to not visit this pit." - Linguar
RPG Source loves you too. ♥

1 Comment(s) -- Posted By zurukai At 01:11 On 28/2/2010

In conclusion...
Nice to have Ancient back. To sum up the previous two posts, we'd like to give our condolences to the families of the following people:

- Michael Jackson
- Billy Mays
- Ed McMahon
- Farrah Fawcett
- David Carradine
- Gale Storm

America loved you, and would like to thank you for taking the media attention off things of lesser importance like election fraud in despotic Middle-Eastern nations with nuclear capabilities and apocalyptic worldviews. Cheers!

EDIT: We'd also like to add Steve McNair.

"Yet one more reason to not visit this pit." - Linguar
RPG Source loves you too. ♥

3471 Comment(s) -- Posted By zurukai At 20:58 On 29/6/2009

Billy Mays died too
Celebrities are dropping like flies, who are the average joes gonna look to for inspiration and envy?

RIP Billy, nobody did the infomercial better than you.


2 Comment(s) -- Posted By Ancient At 17:59 On 28/6/2009

<Shadow_Janus> Most of my female pals have huge tits, and my mom does

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